Crowing Ram

Monday, December 30, 2002
What a great weekend. I finished Rob's toe-up Mountain Colors socks, updated some of the yarn swatches at ThreadBear, and started on a toe-up version of the green and purple Koigu socks that have been my standard Sock-It-To-Me socks (see ThreadBear Events Schedule for more information). I didn't rip what I had of the Koigu; fortunately, I had a loose ball wound of the same yarn.
I really didn't like the circular toe that I did on Rob's socks. I started with four stitches at the tip of the toe and increased gradually until I had all of the foot stitches. I tried a short row toe on the Koigu socks, and while I don't have a full toe completed yet, I'm fairly certain that I'll like not having the added bulk of the increases at the tip of the toe, and by using a provisional crocheted cast-on that will be picked up when I finish the toe, I think the short-row toe will be much more professional.
Otherwise, we're just getting ready for Ad Day on the sock list. We send out ads on the first and fifteenth via the sock list, and I always try to have all of our stock updated on the website by those dates. This time, we've also got our new class list going out. It's pretty conservative for the first quarter, but I expect to have some additions as time wears on.
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