Crowing Ram

Thursday, January 30, 2003
Guten morgen, y’all.
Oh, what a wonderful morning. Oh, what a beautiful day. Everything’s coming up roses. Everything’s going my way. Ok. Moment over. Can you tell I’m feeling human again?
Anyway, as I mentioned, I have made some progress on the Philosopher’s Sweater. The pen lying across the fabric is standard size. Those of us in a hurry first thing in the morning can’t waste time rummaging for a tape measure... though now I see that Rob’s left one beside the keyboard. Doh! Ah, well. He’s smacking the snooze button with more force than is necessary two rooms away, and I’m in the office surrounded by yarn. Who do you think is happier at this moment?
This is the Asymetrical Vest that I’ve been claiming I was knitting on. See, it’s real. Knit from side to side, I’m about halfway through the back of the neck. I love this yarn. It’s like knitting with clouds.
Then there is my newest bright, shiny object. Rob has accused me of being a raccoon on more than one occasion for my fascination with such things, but I can’t help it. I like beauty, and it makes me feel good to surround myself with it. It also probably doesn’t hurt that I get a giggle every time I get back around to my marker and think, "oh, my. My sweater has it’s own piercing." How twisted is that?
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